The Phoenix - 8 Principles of Leadership

Over my career, I've had the opportunity to study thousands of leaders. I've watched how they work, how they live, where they succeed and where they fail.

And do you know what I learned?

The leaders we consider the most influential, powerful and successful follow 8 principles. The best news - these are things we can learn and practice!

Let's call the leaders that we deem influential, powerful and successful Phoenixes. Like the bird, they are on fire and a beauty to watch.

These Phoenixes have a clear vision. They know where they are headed and attract others with their beauty and grace. They may not know the path to get where they are headed but they will gladly follow these majestic humans.

These Phoenixes are clear in their communication. They speak so we can understand them. It's not about them - it's always about us and how they get to show up to be in service to us.

These Phoenixes are enrollment masters. They understand there is a distinction between sales (all about them) and enrollment (all about the person in front of them).

These Phoenixes are the embodiment of responsibility. They do not blame others. They do not live in a space of guilt or shame. They accept that they are the creators of their experiences and change what isn't working.

These Phoenixes are committed. They do what they say they are going to do. Period.

These Phoenixes understand that everything is a choice. They weigh consequences for their actions prior to moving forward and choose without regret.

These Phoenixes hold themselves and others accountable. They see others in their greatness and no matter what happens, the Phoenix will be the person that sees the potential and not the past.

Lastly, these Phoenixes are highly aware - emotionally and physically. They seek to understand, are curious and choose to be joyful even in uncertainty.

Anyone can choose to be a Phoenix if they are open to learning. Learning these 8 principles is a practice I committed to many years ago and am now committed to teaching. Are you interested in mastering these 8 principles? Let's talk.

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