CoreBuilt Leadership Team

The CoreBuilt Leadership team draws on decades of experience, training, and education. Our focus is on matching you and your organization with the best coach, trainer, speaker and facilitator.

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Kathleen Riessen, CEO

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Kathleen Riessen has never been afraid to jump. With nerves of steel and a steady hand, she's focused on her vision of creating a world of joy.

She started her professional career as a CPA and public auditor for a large, multi-national accounting firm. Not only did she gain financial experience, but she also had incredible access to top leaders and organizations to peel back the layers and understand how the best companies lead.

Her next adventure is one that typically is a head scratcher because it doesn't follow the typical career path...


She started her own marketing firm when she was 6 months pregnant. Over 10 years she built her team and client list into an extremely profitable venture and she only worked 3 days per week!

She sold her firm in 2017 and dove into the work of transformational leadership. In this work, Kathleen has logged well over 8,000 hours of learning, training and coaching across the world.

Kathleen shows her clients how to bust through limiting beliefs and create what you want using her loving, yet no BS approach.

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Josh Riessen, COO

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Josh Riessen has a knack for finding solutions to complex problems.

He spent years in marketing and sales leadership roles for one of the largest U.S. media companies and came up with some of the most innovative campaigns - moving the needle for his clients and expanding the relationship with the company.

Prior to founding CoreBuilt with his wife, Kathleen, Josh was focused on building a series of gyms and martial arts studios.

Josh has studied and practiced transformational leadership since 2019.

Josh's role at CoreBuilt Leadership is to ensure a smooth experience for our team and clients and bring together technology, coaching and content into one cohesive offering.

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Brandon Miller

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Brandon Miller has coached thousands of people over the last 20 years first as a Martial Arts instructor and as a trainer and facilitator with CoreBuilt Leadership.


His focus these days is to teach coaches within companies how to coach their employees. What he witnessed inside the dojo for so many years was that his students thrived when he saw what was possible for them and coached them from that space. Not only did his students improve their tae kwondo skills, but also they were creating significant improvements outside.


He knew that if he could teach managers and leaders within companies what he knew worked within the dojo, then his students could be supported even more. He took this knowledge and applied it into the proprietary program offered today through CoreBuilt Leadership. Brandon's most important roles are Dad to Justice and Averie, wife to Debbie and a child of God.